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Mold Building

Plastic injection molding tooling production

EVCO Plastics plastic injection molds are designed and built to optimize injection molding efficiency, longevity and performance

EVCO Plastics 5 Keys To Success

• Part Design & Material Selection
• Tool Design & Mold Building 
• Molding Process Development
• Quality Systems & Metrology
• Automation Systems

SPI Class 101 plastic injection mold tooling designed and built in-house at EVCO Plastics

SPI Class 101 plastic injection mold tooling designed and built in-house at EVCO Plastics

Programming a CNC Machine for a plastic injection mold.

EVCO Plastics tool engineer programs a CNC Machine.

Mold Design & Mold Building for Efficiency, Longevity and Performance

EVCO Plastics considers mold design and mold building one of the 5 Keys To Success for engineering out cost and engineering in quality and optimal performance for plastic injection molded parts.

With 50 years of plastic injection mold design and mold building experience, EVCO Plastics is known for high precision molds designed and built to optimize plastic injection molding performance and tool longevity.

Using the latest CAD technology and software, EVCO Plastics mold designers and engineers create robust mold designs for plastic injection molded parts, following a detailed checklist to ensure design for manufacturability.

Our skilled engineers and in-house tooling facilities use state of the art injection mold making equipment and technology, with capabilities to build up to 1500 ton class molds. All molds are designed and built to SPI standards. Our dedication to project management provides our customers with timely project status updates and ensures on-time mold delivery.

EVCO Plastics mold expertise includes

Mold Trials & Qualification

All new plastic injection molds undergo mold trial and qualification to ensure all part dimensions are correct and the mold functions properly. As part of the mold trial and qualification, EVCO Plastics utilizes scientific injection molding to establish consistent, repeatable plastic injection molding process parameters to control the molding process and ensure consistent quality parts are produced at a lower overall cost.

Mold Transfer Programs

EVCO Plastics has successfully managed numerous mold transfer programs - from one mold to many molds – inspecting and evaluating the molds and getting them up and running quickly and cost effectively. Our program managers oversee the entire process and keep customers informed each step of the way.

Mold Maintenance Programs

Plastic injection molds are an important asset and regular maintenance is important to for longevity of the mold and quality of the parts it produces. EVCO Plastics mold maintenance programs are customized based on the mold design, complexity and material, but typically include daily preventative maintenance, mold inspection, minor and more major mold maintenance – all meeting or exceeding SPI standards.

Overseas Mold Building & Tooling

EVCO Plastics has over 20 years of experience building plastic injection molds in China, and has a dedicated mold building and tooling facility in Shenzhen, China. Molds are built to US standards with US program management, designed and built for use at any of EVCO Plastics global plastic injection molding facilities. Overseas mold building offers significant cost savings. Molds are built and sampled in China. Part layouts are started while the molds are shipped to our North American facilities. The final Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is then completed at the manufacturing facility.

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