Designing Parts, Molds and Processes with Automation in Mind

EVCO Plastics considers robotics and automation in plastic injection molding one of the 5 Keys to Success for engineering out cost and engineering in quality and optimal performance for plastic injection molded parts. With over 120 robots company-wide – including 3-Axis, 6-Axis, Scara and high-speed side entry robots – EVCO Plastics is committed to increasing the speed and reliability of our plastic injection molding operations.

As such, use of robotics and automation are a critical component of the part and mold design, plastic injection molding process and integrated operations – upstream and downstream of the molding process.


Whether simple or complex applications, effective integration of robotics and automation in plastic injection molding provides numerous advantages for our customers, including:

  • Enhanced and consistent part quality
  • Reduced molding, labor and part costs
  • Less part-to-part variations and waste
  • Increased machine utilization and consistent cycle times for producing injection molded parts more quickly and efficiently

Plastic injection molding automation and robotics are often the simple solution to a complex problem – and if properly designed and implemented, provide a cost-effective and reliable solution. One recent example: automated loading of 39 threaded brass inserts into a large appliance door molding operation, eliminating operator errors, speeding up the plastic injection molding process and reducing the overall production cost.


EVCO Plastics complete and experienced in-house automation department uses the latest automation technologies, with capabilities including:

  • Custom end of arm tooling
  • Part loading and insert loading automation
  • Part picking and handling automation
  • In-mold decorating and labeling automation
  • Overmolding (press-to-press transfer) automation
  • Clean room automation
  • Vision inspection systems and other quality inspection and verification automation
  • Automated sorting, stacking, assembly, packaging and other downstream operations
  • Custom fixtures and automation components
  • Simple robotics to complete automation cells
  • Automation of on-line and off-line operations

Our automation engineers have expertise with a wide range of robotics, including 3-axis robots, 6-axis robots and selective compliant articulated (SCARA) robots – on a wide range of injection molding machines from 110 to 3,500 tons.

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