Less Weight. Less Material. Less Cost.

With over 20 years of experience, EVCO Plastics is a leader in using injection molding for thin wall plastic molding and thin wall packaging.

EVCO has partnered with many OEMs in developing sustainable thin wall plastic molding and packaging solutions that weigh less, use less material and have a lower overall part cost.

The demand for plastic packaging and plastic parts that are lighter weight and engineered for increased strength using less plastic material, have made thin wall molding a sought-after capability. Typically, “thin wall” is considered as plastics parts or plastic packaging with a wall thickness less than 0.8 mm (0.031 in.).

The process requirements for thin wall plastic injection molding and the thinner wall sections are different than those for standard plastic injection molding, with the need for higher pressures and molding speeds, faster cooling times, and modifications to part ejection and gating arrangements.

High-speed plastic injection molding machines, robotic systems, special thin wall plastic injection molds, and proper part design and material selection are also all critical to successful thin wall plastic injection molding.

EVCO Plastics has full thin wall molding and thin wall packaging capabilities and expertise at our various locations in the United States, Mexico and China.



Some of the advantages of thin wall plastic packaging and thin wall plastic injection molded parts include:

  • Plastic packaging and plastic components that weigh less
  • Use of less plastic material – save on material costs
  • Lower overall part cost
  • Expanded packaging design options
  • Faster production speed, increased productivity, lower production cost


Thin wall plastic injection molding is used in a wide range of applications including:

  • Plastic packaging
  • Food packaging
  • Plastic housings
  • Medical devices
  • Medical disposables and medical device packaging
  • Consumer products and consumer product plastic packaging
  • Plastic containers and lids
  • Electronic housings and protection
  • Cell phone and handheld device components

Thin walled plastic packaging applications include plastic dairy containers and yogurt cups, frozen foods packaging, fruit and vegetables packaging, bakery packaging, ready meal packaging, packaging of juices, soups and meats, and much more! Thin wall plastic packaging is also being used to replace glass and cans for applications such as meats and preserves, because of the reduced packaging weight and wide range of packaging design opportunities.


Our experience with thin wall plastic injection molding material selection and part and mold design as well as our high-speed thin wall plastic injection molding machines and automation enable EVCO Plastics to mold uniform walls as thin as 0.040 in. that can withstand even the most extreme conditions and applications, such as housings protecting circuitry from the environment and user.

EVCO Plastics expertise also includes running stack molds for thin wall molding. Stack molds consist of multiple parting lines, doubling the production output of the plastic injection molding machine.

From concept to delivery, learn more about how EVCO Plastics provides a competitive advantage for thin wall plastic injection molding and thin wall plastic packaging through early supplier involvement in the design and engineering phases, design for manufacturability, effective project management, in-house mold building and material selection support.

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