Molding a More Sustainable Future

Sustainability may be at the forefront of our industry now, but we’ve always known the value of applying an environmental lens to the work we do. Our decades-long commitment to monitoring environmental impact and utilizing sustainable alternatives led us to invest in ways to minimize energy output, resource consumption and waste byproducts generated from the molding process. These actions ensure we’re doing our part to lead our customers—and the industry—forward in promoting long-term sustainable manufacturing.

Our Commitment to Sustainability in Plastics

Designing for sustainability presents itself in three distinct ways.

Collaborative solutions

  • Understand customer goals and recommend sustainable options to help meet green initiatives.

Investments in education

  • Proactively educate on the benefits of plastics, grounded in substantiated research.

Proactive solutions

  • Our Sustainability Council continuously evaluates internal processes and procedures for optimization.


EVCO’s New Sustainability Council

Lead with Strategy

We were “going green” before the phrase was mainstream, but through the creation of our new cross-functional Sustainability Council, we’ll be able to more strategically plan, monitor and innovate around the critical role EVCO plays in assisting customers in meeting their green sustainability goals, as well our own.

Build on a Strong Foundation with Data

In order to know where we should start, we need to establish our baseline. We submitted the EcoVadis assessment, which will benchmark our environmental performance and illustrate our strengths and areas for improvement. With these learnings, our council will prioritize where we should focus our efforts, the steps to accomplish our sustainability goals and the key performance indicators that will help us track our progress.

Boosting Sustainability Research at the Academic Level

EVCO donated $100,000 to the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s plastics engineering program to amplify research efforts that focus on improving sustainability in the plastics industry. Students working on their capstone projects used the money toward conducting sustainability research and acquiring the necessary materials for their projects. To further support the university, EVCO staff provided technical support to the research students throughout the year.

EVCO’s History with Sustainability

We planted our sustainable roots in the 1980s and have continued to grow ever since.


Saved 1 million pounds of plastic from thinwalling a water carafe


Began investing in electric and servo hydraulic machines (now comprising 99% of our 260 molding machines)


Developed EV-PAC returnable packaging


Review all customer projects for sustainable manufacturing (e.g., material choice, lightweighting)

EVCO Plastics and ExxonMobil Verify Lubricant Improves Machine Efficiency

Shining a Spotlight on Sustainability

“By formalizing our sustainability initiatives, we help fulfill our responsibility to protect the planet and create opportunities for long-term success. Digging deeper into sustainable practices will help drive innovation, enhance efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Dale Evans

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