Scientific Injection Molding

Scientific injection molding is a disciplined approach to establish consistent, repeatable plastic injection molding process parameters based on predictable facts and data. Focusing on part design, mold design, material selection, and measurement of plastic injection molding process parameters, EVCO Plastics systematically controls variables that would result in defective or low-quality parts.

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EVCO Plastics applies the latest scientific injection molding practices and tools, coupled with the experience of our highly trained team and innovative engineering, to ensure optimal plastic injection molding process control, repeatability and part quality.

  • Higher yield and lower material consumption
  • Higher yield and lower material consumption
  • Repeatability across set-ups and material lot
  • Better flow control


Plastic injection molding process parameters controlled by scientific injection molding include:

  • Robust part design
  • Hold Pressure
  • Mold Temperature
  • Melt Temperature
  • Mold design and build
  • Cooling Time
  • Critical performance criteria
  • Filling, flow and cooling analysis and engineering
  • Quality planning
  • Integrated operation requirements
  • Proper material selection
  • Repeatable process
  • Part ejection and handling
  • Ergonomics

Data Analysis

Applying scientific injection molding practices isolates where problems may occur and gathers data to document and scientifically eliminate those problems. Strategically placed mold transducers assist and provide real-time process feedback.

Some of the process data and chart profiles include:

Fill optimization (fill optimization curve)

  • Fill cavity at several speeds under pure velocity control
  • Record fill time and peak plastic pressure at each velocity
  • Chart relative viscosity as a function of fill time

Pressurization and gate freeze

  • Fill cavity to 95-99% under controlled velocity
  • Set hold pressure at 50-70% of peak fill pressure
  • Increase hold time at constant intervals for each shot
  • Record and chart part weight versus time

Pressure loss study

  • Fill the cavity to transfer position and record peak pressure
  • Reduce shot size and fill cavity to post-gate position
  • Reduce shot size and fill cavity to pre-gate position
  • Repeat as necessary by reducing shot size to fill to areas of desired pressure measurement
Case Study

Thermoforming to Plastics Injection Molding

Orion Energy Systems partnered with EVCO Plastics to enhance part quality and save cost.

EVCO Plastics’ expertise in material selection and part and process engineering and design helped Orion Energy Systems find the right plastic material and plastic injection molding process parameters.

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