UV Coating

UV coating is the application of a clear or colored coating compound to plastic parts that is then cured by ultraviolet (UV) light. The coating can be applied over an entire product, a single side or specific spots. Spot coating is an excellent way to add a design element to a part to make it stand out, such as applying a high gloss only over the logo. The process does not require high heat (usually lower than 200 degrees Fahrenheit), which makes it ideal for plastic products that could distort under high temperatures.

We can coat small, medium and large parts, with the largest dimensions being 34x17x8 inches. Smaller parts can have multiple parts coated per cycle, and large parts are coated one part per cycle.

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Watch the UV Coating Process in Action

Benefits of UV Coating

On-site application: We offer this service at our DeForest, Wisconsin, facility, so it can be paired easily with any secondary service without needing to be shipped elsewhere for application.
Enhanced aesthetics: UV coating helps parts stand out from the rest by looking newer longer – suggesting a more high-end and premium product. Advantages include:
  • Scratch resistant and smooth, glossy surfaces
  • Greater gloss and better protection than an aqueous coating or lamination
  • Increased chemical resistance
Increased efficiency: Compared to polyurethanes that can take up to a few days to coat and cure, UV curing adds very little production time to the total cycle. We can complete over 40 UV coating cycles per hour.
Environmentally friendly: UV coating uses low-temperature thermal overs, which reduces energy costs. Additionally, the coating applications are water-based with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it a more ecofriendly system.
Reduces costs: Customers realize cost savings in two ways: replacing thermally cured paint with UV coating lowers energy costs, and there is a decrease in direct labor costs since it is a highly automated system that uses two robots.

Applications for UV Coating of Plastic Products

  • Consumer products
  • Industrial products
  • Consumer handheld devices
  • Lawn and garden equipment
  • Appliances

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