At EVCO Plastics, we know our partners need to carve out an unparalleled competitive advantage wherever they can throughout the entire product development life cycle. We’ll partner with you early in the process, helping you design a product for optimal manufacturability while focusing on our “Five Keys to Success.” This is our uniquely engineered process designed to leverage information, engineer out cost and maximize product quality at every stage.

From there, our expert toolmakers set the stage for the rest of the manufacturing process, taking into consideration the unique needs of your end product. Once the part is in production, we will handle anything from complex assembly to secondary operations to rigorous in-line quality testing. Lastly, we offer our own EV-PAC returnable packaging system to streamline your shipping needs and lower the environmental impact of the process.

From start to finish, partner with EVCO for a smarter way to manufacture.

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Bringing Your Part to Life

For over 60 years, EVCO has been harnessing what really matters most in molding: Collaboration. This is the foundation of EVCO’s success, and we continue to build a platform of understanding, respect and trust in our partners—who know they can trust our products.

From design to delivery, effective communication, clear objectives and advancing innovations in plastic injection engineering technology allows us to deliver service and quality that surpass expectations every time.

Your Journey, Our Expertise

When plastics matter to your business, partner with EVCO.

Where innovation takes form.

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