Consumer Products

Long-lasting craftsmanship meets eye-catching aesthetics. EVCO designs and manufactures many common household items, which are then used by millions of consumers around the world. Paint brush handles, garage door openers, plumbing parts, and electric toothbrushes are just a few of the many products we produce using technologies such as two-shot molding, value-added decorating and automation/robotics.

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Putting Consumer Product Projects in Motion

Different processes offer different advantages. Here are the ways we can optimize your project.

In-Mold Decorating & Labeling

Apply long-lasting and durable graphics to a molded part in a one-pass molding operation.

Molded-in Color

Mold plastic parts with two or more materials or colors in one operation.


Bond two materials together during the molding process to form plastic parts with unique visual appeal.

Multi-Shot Molding

Mold plastic parts with two or more materials or colors in one operation.

Optimizing Consumer Product Projects


A successful part starts with a well-designed mold. This complex and precise process determines part manufacturability and lifecycle costs, and takes into account the key components of mold design while adhering to a part’s unique specifications.

Tooling and Mold Building

Design for Manufacturability

This robust process employs strategic preparation and applies strict quality controls to ensure a consistent product output—and a competitive advantage for customers. DFM is the cornerstone for every project EVCO undertakes because the design and engineering process is critical to success.

Design for Manufacturability

Materials Selection

When developing a new part, determining the right material is essential. As part of the DFM process, understanding the requirements and performance characteristics of the part allows EVCO to determine the best material for your project.

Materials Selection


Our commitment to quality is based on stringent guidelines and blends seamlessly with our deep manufacturing knowledge and experience.

Case Study

Preparation Leads to a Better End Product

Developing a new product involves many moving parts, including multiple teams and checkpoints along the way to ensure a flawless end product. Preparation is a vital part of the product development process, as it sets up the rest of the project for success. Read how EVCO uses the principles of designing for manufacturability to bring your project to life.

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