Contract Manufacturing

What is contract manufacturing?

Contact manufacturing is the capability for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to source and purchase needed materials and parts, mold and assemble the plastic components, and package and ship the finished assembly or product. OEMs work with molders to complete their projects, which then allows the OEM to focus more on strategy, sales and other core competencies so that they can expand their business.

In working with OEMs, EVCO applies an integrated, streamlined and cost-effective manufacturing process to complete assemblies through finished products and incorporates value-added solutions that make customers’ jobs even easier.


  • Global Sourcing: Materials and other necessary products are sourced to help ensure high quality and competitively priced parts.
  • MRP Systems: Material requirements planning (MRP) systems help to manage the manufacturing process, tracking all purchasing activities, manufacturing timelines and delivery schedules.
  • Manufacturing – Injection Molding: Once the design, materials and timelines have been approved, part manufacturing can begin.
  • Assembly: Individually completed parts can then be assembled into a full component or product.
  • Packaging: Finished components are packaged and prepared for shipping.
  • Distribution: Safe and timely delivery to the end user is completed.


  • By outsourcing your product to a manufacturer, you can realize cost savings in the following areas:
    • Facility
    • Equipment
    • Maintenance
    • Labor
    • Training
    • Tooling
    • Energy
    • Material and overall manufacturing costs
    • Increased productivity, flexibility and resources

What industries use contract manufacturing?

“EVCO Plastics is considered our Gold Standard for suppliers. Our other suppliers are all ranked against EVCO even outside of the plastics industry. EVCO’s quality and ability to adapt to the changes in market demand make them our top tier supplier. In less than 1 year EVCO had the ability to triple our production output to meet market demands during the recent pandemic.”— Medical Device Customer




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