Returnable Packaging

Our continuous efforts to reduce our carbon footprint led us to create our own proprietary returnable packaging system. EV-PAC is EVCO’s solution to reducing the environmental impact and the cost of shipping plastic parts. EV-PAC is a Mirror Image System, which utilizes a sleeve and plastic pallet to form a strong, fully reusable container solution.

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EV-PAC Returnable Packaging

The 48″ x 48″ outer dimension maximizes utilization of space on a standard-sized trailer, resulting in a 45¾” x 45¾” inside dimension. Collapsible outer sleeves are available and stack within the footprint of the pallet base, making it simple and convenient to return the container for future use.

Specifications and Characteristics

  • A pallet molded by EVCO Plastics that contains post-consumer recycled material
  • A pallet base featuring 8 color-coded slide latches that secure sleeves and aid with stacking
  • Sleeves available in tri-wall corrugate fiberboard or extruded PP corrugate
  • An interlocking latch feature that prevents tipping and misalignment of stacks
  • Standard size of 48″ x 48″ x 36 ½” outer dimensions; 45 ¾” x 45 ¾” x 26″ inner dimensions
  • Stacks 3 high in a standard 53′ trailer (78 EV-PACs can fit in a single trailer)
  • ISTA 3E Certified based on a 300-pound load
  • 2-piece sleeves or sleeves with custom drop panels are available upon request
  • Dividers and custom dunnage are also available upon request

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