Tool & Mold Building

A successful part starts with a well-designed mold. This complex and precise process determines part manufacturability and lifecycle costs, and it takes into account the key components of mold design while adhering to a part’s unique specifications.

Considered one of our Five Keys to Success, proper mold design and mold building will help reduce cost, increase quality and optimize performance. We use the latest CAD technology and software to create a robust mold design that’s built to SPI standards, as well as moldflow analysis to evaluate all mold designs and parts prior to development.

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Efficiency, Longevity and Performance

As part of the mold trial and qualification process, all part dimensions are reviewed for accuracy. Scientific injection molding is then used to establish consistent and repeatable molding process parameters, which ensures quality parts are produced. All part dimensions are then reviewed for accuracy.

When you require an advanced molding solution to increase production throughput while controlling production costs, look to us for the following:

Our Core Molding Solutions

  1. 1

    Stack molds

    A series of interconnected, same-sized molds which are "stacked" next to each other. Without increasing the plastic injection molding machine platen size or tonnage, stack molds double the number of cavities producing parts (more for three-and four-level stack molds). Stack molds can also have different cavities in each mold parting surface to produce a family of parts per shot.

  2. 2

    Gas-assist molds

    In gas assist plastic injection molding, the pressurized gas follows the path of least resistance and displaces the plastic material in the thicker areas of the part, leaving hollow sections for reduced material use and part weight. This technique reduces warpage, shrinking, surface blemishes, sink marks and internal stress.

  3. 3

    Unscrewing cores

    Parts requiring threading can be put in an unscrewing mold, where the core rotates and applies the threading before the mold fully opens. The amount of threading on the part dictates how many rotations are necessary and the length of the core that is inserted into the mold.

  4. 4

    High cavitation molds

    The part design, end use and production volume are a few of the variables taken into account to decide the right mold cavitation for the project. High cavitation molds reduce the price per part and generate more product per shot.

  5. 5

    Conformal cooling

    Conformal cooling channels are incorporated into a mold and follow the its shape, reaching hot spots and promoting temperature uniformity throughout the parts being manufactured. Incorporating this solution yields faster cooling and cycle times and improves part quality, CPK values and part sink.

Mold Trials and Qualification

All new plastic injection molds undergo mold trial and qualification to ensure all part dimensions are correct and the mold functions properly. EVCO Plastics utilizes scientific injection molding to establish consistent, repeatable plastic injection molding process parameters to control the molding process and ensure that consistent quality parts are produced at a lower overall cost.

Scientific Injection Molding

Focusing on part design, mold design, thermoplastic material selection, and measurement of plastic injection molding process parameters, EVCO Plastics systematically eliminates variables that would result in defective or low quality parts.


Transfer Programs

EVCO Plastics has successfully managed numerous mold transfer programs – from one mold to many molds – inspecting and evaluating the molds and getting them up and running quickly and cost effectively. Our program managers oversee the entire process and keep customers informed each step of the way.

Mold Maintenance Programs

Plastic injection molds are an important asset and regular maintenance is important for longevity of the mold and quality of the parts it produces. EVCO Plastics' mold maintenance programs are customized on the basis of mold design, complexity and material, and typically include daily preventative maintenance, mold inspection and minor and more major mold maintenance – all meeting or exceeding SPI standards.

Overseas Mold Building and Tooling

Our dedicated facility helps us maintain our US standards and US program management while keeping costs down.

  • Molds are built and sampled in China
  • No loss in time because while we are waiting for the mold, part layouts are already in progress
  • The final Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is completed at the manufacturing facility
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Your Journey, Our Expertise

Case Study

Conformal Cooling Cuts Cycle Time, Transforms Molding Process

A longtime customer in the lighting industry produced a plastic sensor housing in EVCO Plastics’ M2 facility in Monterrey, Mexico. After running the initial mold for two years, EVCO and the manufacturer saw an opportunity to save costs long-term by implementing a new technology. EVCO engineers proposed administering a method that could transform the part manufacturing process while creating a better overall part: conformal cooling.

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