80% of a Part’s Cost is Determined
by the Design

In addition to determining 80% of a plastic injection molded part’s cost, the design impacts quality, reliability, functionality, serviceability and manufacturability. It effects how quickly a new product can be introduced and is a key driver of competitive advantage.

That is why EVCO Plastics invests so much in the design – focusing on design for use, design for manufacturability and design for competitive advantage. Our success is determined by our ability to maximize your success – and we know the design and engineering process is critical to achieving that success!

We have found the two most critical factors for success in this process are partnering with you early on in the design phase – and focusing on what we consider the 5 Keys to Success for engineering out cost and engineering in quality and optimal performance.


EVCO Plastics design engineers use CAD software in creating effective plastic injection molding designs – focusing on design for use, design for manufacturability and design for competitive advantage!

EVCO Plastics 5 Keys to Success

For engineering out cost and engineering in quality and optimal performance

Part Design

Understanding the product application, intended market and performance, end use objectives, and use environment

Mold Design & Build

Design for mold efficiency, longevity and performance

Molding Process

Injection molding technologies, cycle times, material flow and employing scientific injection molding

Quality Assurance

Focusing on tolerances, part inspection, steel safe mold and more


In the injection molding process and downstream – making it simple and lean

“By the time a product has been designed, only 8% of the total product budget has been spent. By that time, the design has determined 80% of the cost of the product!”

Design for Manufacturability
and Concurrent Engineering
by David M. Anderson


Design for Manufacturability

Every EVCO Plastics plastic injection molding design focuses on design for manufacturability. See the attached white paper for more information how EVCO Plastics uses design for manufacturability.

Design for manufacturability, sometimes known as design for manufacturing, is the process of proactively designing and engineering products to optimize all the manufacturing functions – plastic injection molding, assembly, testing, procurement, packaging, shipping – and ensure the best cost, quality, reliability, regulatory compliance, safety, time-to-market and customer satisfaction.

Early consideration of manufacturing – design for manufacturability – shortens product development time, minimizes development and part costs, reduces rework, and ensures a smooth transition into production for quicker time to market.

Cost reduction is a key benefit of design for manufacturability. Parts are designed for optimal manufacture and assembly, with consideration to fewer components requiring assembly, effective mold design, materials, automation and plastic injection molding process for fast and efficient molding and consistent quality.

In addition to cost savings (both manufacturing and development costs), design for manufacturability also results in improved quality and consistency in manufacturing and faster development time and time to market. Gain a competitive advantage by partnering with EVCO Plastics and our almost 50 years of experience in plastic injection molding design and design for manufacturability.

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