Large Part Molding with Value Added Assembly

EVCO Plastics has been working with top OEMs in the agricultural industry for over 30 years. With over 20 injection molding machines ranging from 1,000 tons up to 3,500 tons, EVCO Plastics has the knowledge and expertise to handle large parts and molds for key agricultural companies.

Early supplier involvement at the start of each project is especially valuable in the design, mold building and manufacturing of agricultural components. From fenders and exterior trim panels to interior cab trim, leaders in the agricultural industry regularly rely on EVCO Plastics to both design new components and reverse-engineer existing parts. In many cases, EVCO Plastics can identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve the function of components and enhance appearance based on information from customers.

EVCO Plastics has extensive knowledge in material selection for agricultural injection molded parts. Understanding the end use of the product is very important and is the key to choosing an engineering grade resin that may need to be corrosion resistant for use out in the fields. Learn More>



EVCO Plastics expertise includes plastic injection molding of agriculture equipment


Capabilities for the agricultural industry:

Molded-In Color
In-Mold Labeling
Large Part Molding
Gas Assist Molding
Complex Plastic Parts and Assemblies
Metal to Plastic Conversion
Material Selection

Industry Expertise

OEMs in the Agricultural Industry look to EVCO Plastics for expertise and knowledge in producing plastic injection molded parts for the following equipment:

  • Tractors:
    • Under-the-hood cooling packages such as fan shrouds and deflectors
    • Large fenders
    • Exterior panels and trim
    • Interior cab panels and trim
  • Combines:
  • Planters:
    • Seed Delivery Systems – focused on speed and accuracy
    • Hoppers

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