High-End Plastic Appliance Parts with Superior Clarity and Quality

EVCO Plastics has 50 years of expertise in plastic injection molding of high-end aesthetic appliance parts molded from engineering grade resins including ABS and polycarbonate.

High-end appliance manufacturers partner with EVCO Plastics to mold top-quality appliance parts including shelves, drawers, handles, containers, baskets, ice makers, frames, end caps and many other custom appliance components and assemblies – from clear ABS and polycarbonate plastics for superior clarity with no dirt specks, or white ABS free of color swirls and imperfections.

From refrigerators to dehumidifiers – major to smaller appliance OEMs – new appliance part designs to redesigns and improvements, EVCO Plastics serves the appliance industry with the latest plastic injection molding technologies, materials and advanced part and mold design to provide the superior-quality components demanded by the highest quality appliance manufacturers around the world.

Partnering together early in the project on part design and material selection, helps save time and investment cost. Appliance manufacturers count on EVCO Plastics’ expertise and innovation working with the latest developments in plastic injection molding technology, engineered plastic resins, advanced mold building technology and automation of the plastic injection molding processes, for the highest quality components they need in their high-end appliances.

With plastic injection molding capabilities and expertise at each of our locations in the United States, Mexico and China, and our many large-ton plastic injection molding machines and expertise in large part molding, EVCO Plastics is equipped to manufacture almost any plastic appliance part, anywhere in the world!

We gauge our success on customers who continue to return with new projects because they know EVCO Plastics delivers the perfect quality appliance parts they need, at a fair price and in a timely fashion – or as we are told, “EVCO Plastics gets the job done right!”







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