Conformal Cooling Cuts Cycle Time, Transforms Molding Process

A longtime customer in the lighting industry produced a plastic sensor housing in EVCO Plastics’ M2 facility in Monterrey, Mexico. After running the initial mold for two years, EVCO and the manufacturer saw an opportunity to save costs long-term by implementing a new technology. EVCO engineers proposed administering a method that could transform the part manufacturing process while creating a better overall part: conformal cooling.

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Metal to Plastic Conversion Material Selection

EVCO Plastics’ experience in metal to plastic conversion and material selection helped a leading agricultural equipment OEM convert a structural part required to withstand high impact and wear from metal to plastic, reducing part cost and weight and not just maintaining- but improving the part’s structural and performance properties.

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Process Conversion – Thermoforming to Plastic Injection Molding
Orion Apollo® Solar Light Pipe

Orion Energy Systems, a leading manufacturer of proprietary energy management systems and renewable energy strategies for reducing energy consumption, partnered with EVCO Plastics to convert its Apollo solar light pipe’s acrylic plastic dome from a thermoformed part to an injection molded plastic part in order to save cost, speed part production, and improve accuracy and overall part quality.

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Design for Manufacturability
Thorough Preparation Leads to a Better End Product

Developing a new product involves many moving parts, in both a planning and a manufacturing sense. It includes multiple teams and checkpoints designed to ensure a flawless end product. Preparation is a vital part of the product development process, as it sets up the rest of the project for success. Read how EVCO can help bring your product development project to life.

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Molded-In Color–Exterior Body Panel

EVCO Plastics’ experience in molded-in color plastic injection molding helped a leading agricultural equipment OEM produce an exterior body panel with a long-lasting brilliant color and finish that withstands harsh outdoor environments, without the high manufacturing cost and environmental issues of secondary painting.

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Achieve Stronger, Higher-Quality Parts With Molded-In Color

EVCO’s attention to detail and diligent efforts helped the greater team find a cost-effective and high-quality solution. Now, the same team is working with the manufacturer to redesign several other parts using the SLX material, creating additional benefits—and better parts.

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