For Competitive Advantage via Cost Effective and Efficient Plastic Injection Molding

EVCO Plastics is a global plastic injection molder with global manufacturing systems and strategic locations in the United States, Mexico and China.

All of our facilities follow similar systems and procedures, so no matter which EVCO Plastics facility or facilities you use, they will look and feel the same and provide the same high level of quality and service.

Each facility is staffed with its own team, including expertise in plastic injection molding, tooling, production, quality and logistics. Yet each has full support and communication with our centralized design and engineering team and the expertise and team members at each of our other facilities.

Our global project management system is designed with our customers in mind, offering them the capability and advantages of developing projects locally in the US and then sourcing and manufacturing them in any one or more of our globally located facilities.

For example, because of the high cost of shipping, cost savings are realized when large parts are molded close to where they are needed. Likewise, smaller parts requiring more assembly or a greater amount of labor, but not as costly to ship, are likely more cost effective to product in Mexico or China. In some instances, there are advantages to running production in more than one location.

Each of our facilities also includes contract manufacturing capabilities, enabling local sourcing and cost savings for those needs.

All EVCO Plastics facilities are equipped with systems, plastic injection molding machines and communication procedures, and each of our molds are designed and built such that any molds built in the US or China can run at any of our facilities – so you always benefit from a plastic injection molding system that is globally focused and equipped to provide you the best cost savings and competitive advantage!


When plastics matter to your business, partner with EVCO. Where innovation takes form.